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Sharks, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Groundfish and the elusive Bluefin Tuna are all at the Rock n' Reel's Gaff. You may take your catch home with you or release it back to the Gulf of Maine.

catching fish in maine

Bluefin Tuna

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to hook onto a Volkswagen beetle going 50 miles per hour with a rod and reel and try to fight it in? Welcome to the world of Bluefin Tuna fishing off the Maine coast. These giants can grow well over 900 pounds and can give you the thrill of a lifetime. As elusive and intelligent as a fish can be, they are not for the impatient at heart - but the first time you hear that Penn reel begin to sing, you'll be hooked for life!
Not all hookups are guaranteed landings, as a pre-determined game plan must be set in stone prior to lines in the water. Each and every job, no matter how unimportant sounding, is crucial in improving the odds of landing the fish. The fight must be executed flawlessly or the entire crew will lose in the end. Rocking and reeling and fighting may take hours before the fish succumbs, so be prepared for the fight of your life!!! The raw power and endurance of the Bluefin will provide you with memories of a lifetime and a guarantee that you'll want to try again, and again, and again!

Shark Fishing

The Rock n Reel specializes in the ultimate shark fishing experience. There are multiple species off the coast of Maine making a shark fishing charter an exciting experience. With all the equipment needed to safely hook, fight, land and/or tag and release these fighting beasts, you will definitely have a great time. Let's help you get acquainted with some of the species you may encounter on your trip.....
  • The Blue Shark or Blue Whaler
  • The Porbeagle or Mackerel Shark
  • The Mako Shark
  • The Thresher Shark

Inshore Fishing off the Maine Coast
An Inshore fishing charter among the islands just off the Portland and Cape Elizabeth shores is an incredible experience. Here you can see seals, lobster bouys, ferry and lobster boats and the hustle and bustle of the busy Port or Portland. Sneaking between and around the islands fishing for Striper and Blue Fish you may see eagles, osprey and other hunting birds.
  • Striper Fishing
  • BlueFish
  • Mackerel

Ground Fishing off the Maine Coast

Ground fishing off the coast of Maine is an enlightening experience. One never knows from that first little 'tug' you feel on the bottom until you've brought the fish to the surface exactly what it is. Sometimes it feels like a ton of lead, sometimes it feels like an old tire. Other times it's just a little tickle and you think your reeling for nothing, to discover a haddock on the line.

Some of the species you may catch on a Ground fishing trip offshore:

Cod, Cunner, Cusk, Goosefish, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Herring, Ocean Pout, Pollock, Redfish, Sculpin, Sea Ravin, Winter Flounder, Wolffish

bluefish, sharks, cod, haddock
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